Prologue – Will Makes Raymond’s Food

Raymond’s Recipes


Welcome to Will Makes Raymond’s food: the blog where I make recipes from and write about it. In each post I will choose a recipe and make it. Then I’ll write about my experience.

Who Are You?

My name is Will. I’m 29.

Why you do dis?

I’m starting this blog with the hope that it helps me incorporate both cooking and writing into my life with a bit more regularity. I don’t cook much, and I think my life would be enriched somewhat if I cooked more. If I like doing this blog enough to sit down and write with some regularity, that would also be cool.

Why Raymond’s Food?

Raymond posts photos of his food on my social media and it looks tasty. I have also on occasion heard him talk enthusiastically about food. These things make it seem like he knows a thing or two. Also, one of the reasons I cook as little as I do is that the vast quantity of resources and recipes out there is intimidating. Narrowing where I will look when I want to cook something will help me not get put off from even starting.

Who is Raymond?

Raymond is a guy I know.

Why Should I care?

I dunno. Maybe you’ll think it’s funny to behold how bad of a cook I am (I’m not that bad, am I?). Maybe you’ll like how I ramble about stuff and overuse parentheses. Probably not, though.