Will Makes Raymond’s Fried Rice

Raymond’s Fried Rice

Fried rice in pan.

I had some pork leftover from my partner’s family Christmas party. It was my first time seeing most of her aunts, uncles and being at a larger gathering of her family. They did a whole roast pig, which was pretty cool! It also resulted in a lot of leftovers. Anticipating this, the hosts had acquired ample tupperware for guests. When people were packing their leftovers, I took a container from a stack which had already packed full of pork and set aside. In my brain I thought somebody was packing them for others to take, but in retrospect I probably just took a container somebody had made for themself. Fuck. Lost the chance a at a good first impression with someone…
Anyway, after the party we drove back to my partner’s mom’s place where we were staying overnight. It was hovering around 0 or under, and her mom suggested we just leave the food in the trunk of the car overnight. I acquiesced, wanting to appear agreeable. Was that food safe? I dunno. Then it took me a week of it being in the fridge to think about using the pork. Food safe? I dunno. Probably, I guess. Whatever.
I thought fried rice would be a good way to use the pork. If the texture or flavour has gotten a bit less good over the time I had it stored, it’s buried in a bunch of other things so it doesn’t matter so much. Or something. I just like fried rice.

Here it is closer.

I’ve made this recipe a few times. I like the flavour and texture I’ve gotten. It’s quite sticky. The standards for what I like to eat for myself are different than what I feel comfortable serving other people, though. That’s probably just an insecurity.

I don’t use the veggies the recipe calls for, I just use whatever I have, which I think is the right spirit for fried rice like this. I also used Christmas pork instead of shrimp.

Chili garlic sauce is delicious. I also like that this recipe uses oyster sauce.

I ate the leftovers yesterday. Early in the morning I downloaded “Cities: Skylines” and proceeded to play it for the entire day. After some 10 hours straight, I realised I was quite hungry, and thankful I had leftover fried rice.

My partner came by and asked me about the game I was playing. I tried explaining that in the game you build a city, which involves planning land use, and managing different kinds of infrastructure including roads, healthcare, fire and police services etc. She said that sounds boring. This hurt my feelings a little bit. But on the other hand, I totally see where she’s coming from.


Will Makes Raymond’s Quinoa Salad

Raymond’s Quinoa Salad

Salad in a bowl

A couple weeks ago my hockey team, the Possums, did a potluck holiday dinner. I made salad.

I’ve made this recipe before a few times and I like it.

Somehow I bought cashews instead of the pistachios this recipe calls for when I was at the grocery. In my head I was saying pistachios, but thinking of cashews. I don’t think it made a huge difference to the goodness of the salad.

Once I used a 1/2 cup of shallots instead of red onion and that was too onioney. I was trying to avoid using half a red onion and then leaving the other half in my fridge like “I’ll make something else with onion soon”, then inevitably not remembering and throwing that onion out sometime in the future after it’s not good anymore.

This morning I was cleaning my food cabinet and found an old box of cashews with bugs in them, which was alarming. Fortunately, nothing besides the cashews seems to have been infested. Also, they weren’t cockroaches or the other common “pantry pests” when I googled that, so I guess that’s good.

I suspect that I am not cooking my quinoa perfectly, as the experience of the salad as a whole is a bit soggy.

Don’t you hate how recipes always call for like 1/2 cup of cilantro, so you have to go buy a whole bunch of cilantro, use a small fraction of it and end up wasting most of the bunch?