Will Makes Raymond’s Fried Rice

Raymond’s Fried Rice

Fried rice in pan.

I had some pork leftover from my partner’s family Christmas party. It was my first time seeing most of her aunts, uncles and being at a larger gathering of her family. They did a whole roast pig, which was pretty cool! It also resulted in a lot of leftovers. Anticipating this, the hosts had acquired ample tupperware for guests. When people were packing their leftovers, I took a container from a stack which had already packed full of pork and set aside. In my brain I thought somebody was packing them for others to take, but in retrospect I probably just took a container somebody had made for themself. Fuck. Lost the chance a at a good first impression with someone…
Anyway, after the party we drove back to my partner’s mom’s place where we were staying overnight. It was hovering around 0 or under, and her mom suggested we just leave the food in the trunk of the car overnight. I acquiesced, wanting to appear agreeable. Was that food safe? I dunno. Then it took me a week of it being in the fridge to think about using the pork. Food safe? I dunno. Probably, I guess. Whatever.
I thought fried rice would be a good way to use the pork. If the texture or flavour has gotten a bit less good over the time I had it stored, it’s buried in a bunch of other things so it doesn’t matter so much. Or something. I just like fried rice.

Here it is closer.

I’ve made this recipe a few times. I like the flavour and texture I’ve gotten. It’s quite sticky. The standards for what I like to eat for myself are different than what I feel comfortable serving other people, though. That’s probably just an insecurity.

I don’t use the veggies the recipe calls for, I just use whatever I have, which I think is the right spirit for fried rice like this. I also used Christmas pork instead of shrimp.

Chili garlic sauce is delicious. I also like that this recipe uses oyster sauce.

I ate the leftovers yesterday. Early in the morning I downloaded “Cities: Skylines” and proceeded to play it for the entire day. After some 10 hours straight, I realised I was quite hungry, and thankful I had leftover fried rice.

My partner came by and asked me about the game I was playing. I tried explaining that in the game you build a city, which involves planning land use, and managing different kinds of infrastructure including roads, healthcare, fire and police services etc. She said that sounds boring. This hurt my feelings a little bit. But on the other hand, I totally see where she’s coming from.

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